ThinRoute Technologies, Inc.

Proud Reseller of Cambium Networks



ThinRoute Technologies founded in 1998 Sales, marketing, engineering for rural telecom applications in North America


To supply wireless telecommunication network equipment and engineering services for low subscriber density applications

Voice and data access products

Wireless infrastructure products


Sales and marketing resources with rural telco customer base built over 25 years

15+ years Microwave and Wireless Local Loop sales and application engineering experience

Uniquely positioned to provide solutions for remote rural service applicati

Extensive experience with wireless systems and unlicensed wireless applications in rural telephone companies

RF expertise and experience in deploying WLL systems in diverse and challenging applications

Engineering resources and a wide range of technology and products to address special customer needs

Wireless Local Loop


  • Addresses specific locations
  • Services to groups of users
  • Generally can be designed for greater distances


  • Designed for general area coverage
  • Services to scattered users
  • Limited distances due to lower antenna gains and EIRP restrictions

What we do for you

ThinRoute Technologies provides broadband data and voice access solutions for rural communities and infrastructure-poor locales worldwide.

Advanced telecommunications capabilities are crucial to the future of an increasingly interconnected world. The rate of deployment of broadband services will be key to the future economic growth of every region, particularly in rural areas that can benefit from high-speed connections to urban and world markets. This is particularly true for those who live in the rural towns and countryside, who can especially benefit from high-speed, distance-defying connections to external markets and employment opportunities, distance learning opportunities, and urban medical resources.

The technology to provide those services is being developed and deployed to an exponentially increasing number of customers in urban areas, but rural communities are being left behind. ThinRoute Technologies was established specifically to address this inequality, the needs of those beyond the "Digital Divide."

ThinRoute Technologies Focuses on Rural Needs

  • Products optimized for small line count applications allow service providers to serve a small customer base with advanced services.
  • Scalable Network Architecture allow service providers to start small and build as customer demand and resources grow.
  • End-to-end solutions and engineering support minimize the design time and risks associated with working with multiple equipment vendors.
  • Telco Standards of Reliability from environmentally hardened equipment and battery backup means fewer customer complaints.
  • Centralized Network Maintenance and Management minimize costly truck rolls and other service calls to remote areas.