Massive MU-MIMO

Combining Beam Forming and multiple RF chains yields more than 3X throughput, simply by changing the AP Hardware

Integrated 90° sector antenna array

Leading Edge antenna innovation brings Smart Beamforming to the 450 platform, ZERO RF cables to connect or weatherproof

Multiple RF chains

14 x 14 MIMO system allows simultaneous communication to up to seven SMs

Compatible with existing SMs

Realize capacity upgrade without any field dispatches to Subscriber sites

Frequency Re-Use

Using the same 20 MHz channel, capacity enhancements are attained without any network changes

Multiple I/O options

AUX port (second Ethernet port) with multiple functions allow for greater flexibility of deployment. A SFP port also available for optical connection

Wideband radio

One SKU to allow operation in all 5 GHz unlicensed bands

What 450m can do for you

More connectivity, faster

The PMP 450m Access Point (AP) with cnMedusa™ Massive MU-MIMO technology enables network operators to rapidly provide more and faster Internet connections to people, places, and things.

A powerful tool that can change the commercial wireless broadband industry.

The PMP 450m AP with cnMedusa technology features integrated 90° sector beam-forming antenna array, single cable connection integrated radio, and increased capacity – The PMP 450m can provide more than 400 Mbps actual usable throughput per sector, and communicate with up to seven Subscriber Modules simultaneously.

Industry-leading spectral efficiency

PMP 450m delivers >400 Mbps actual throughput in a 20 MHz channel (20+ bps/Hz, and over 40 bps/Hz when deployed in frequency re-use configurations).

Investment protection

PMP 450m is fully compatible with PMP 450 Subscriber Modules (SM) in an existing network.