Point to Point Networking

Covering the full range of radio frequencies, applications, and budgets, the PTP ethernet backhaul series is designed to perform in the real world and tested to prove it under the harshest conditions.

Our proven Point-to-Point (PTP) series solutions are deployed worldwide, serving highly critical applications in formidable environments for the world's most demanding users. With best-in-class real-world performance and FIPS 140-2 approved security available for government and military applications, the PTP series is your connection to what matters, no matter what.


PTP 820

  • Aplication:Licensed Ethernet microwave for multi-service networks
  • Bands:6-38 GHz
  • Throughput:up to 1.66 Gbps

PTP 810

  • Aplication:High-performance licensed microwave with native Ethernet and TDM support in one platform.
  • Bands:6-38 GHz
  • Throughput:up to 700 Mbps

PTP 700

  • Aplication:One radio — many missions.
  • Bands:4.4 – 5.9 GHz
  • Throughput:up to 450 Mbps

PTP 670

  • Aplication:Point-to-Point and High Capacity Multipoint
  • Bands:4.9 to 6.05 GHz
  • Throughput:up to 450 Mbps

PTP 450

  • Aplication:Optimized for reach, reliability, and throughput
  • Bands:2.4, 3.5, 3.65, 4.9 – 5.9 GHz
  • Throughput:up to 125 Mbps

ePMP Bridge-in-a-Box

  • Aplication:Plug-n-Play Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge